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Alburgh, VT

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alburgh VT, school st

In the begining

What I learned

I didnt allways want to be a videogame designer. or anything that involved video games. Personoly I think that most video game designers get paid to do all most nothing. To just sit down on a computer and type all day or to play with objects and fit them together and take pictures dosnt sound hard at all. What first made me deside to start this is when I had an idea for a game and i didnt know who to tell it to. So I started looking up online for about 2 months on how to code a game. I didnt search the right thing becaus i started to learn batch which i beleive isnt helpful unless you want to fuck up someones computer and make it never turn on againg. So it took me a month of learning batch to realize it wasnt getting me anywhere. So i started looking at games that were good. I suddenly saw something that talked about game engins. I looked up game engins on google and i found some that costs $100 or $200 or even more. And then i saw unity. A simple and easy way to make games. It did take alot of work but in no time manexter 1 was out. After a update on unity, manexter 1 was no longer changeable. there was a issue that i simply didnt know how to fix. So i made a sequel to manexter which is now called Manexter 2. I got so carried away on the 3rd level that i forgot what i was doing. so surly enough the 3rd level was HUGE. After making manexter 2's 32 scenes I went missing and stopped making games. I was in the worst place ever where i never belonged in, reality. I recently downloaded Unity againg and started working on fluffy parkour and Car Trek. And now im waiting for my new chapter to decode itself infrong of my eyes.

I learned a new skill for speeding up and slowing down things in games called time scale. Time scale can control the speed of the game like speeding it up or slowing it down. I used this skill in my science project ocean cleanup for pickups. I had to adjust things so that the upgrades last the same amount of time... I plan on using this oftenly in the future for my build-a-bridge game as one of the buyable upgrades for pre-order and more games can revolve around this.