Manexter (DLC)

Manexter is the biggest game with over 200 downloads! This game is filled with much more then any regular game. It has many things from all most unbeatable parkour to hard mazes. you can even look through the woods to have to find a block. 

These these 4 great levels will have u raging all day long with there amazing 4 levels that will take u forever to finish. Well that is all i gotta say besides the levels are amazing and hard and fun to play. 

Manexter X2

Fluffy Parkour

Enjoy these fun levels with over 30 different scenes and over 10 levels. This is only the demo. There will be 20 chapters and inside each chapter is 3-4 sequences. inside each sequence is 3 level. at the end of every sequence there is 1 test level that goes on for 100 or more blocks, the first test has over 300 blocks to jump on individually with flares on sertant blocks and checkpoints. Lets just say it will be hours and hours of fun rage and bragging if you have someone playing with you. Soon i will try to make it online every other weekend and try to upload every other weekend. Manexter X3 wont be made for a while, sorry.

fluffy parkour is a 2D chapter of manexter. With a completly difrent set of controls and a longer gameplay this will keep you playing it  for a while. Never expect this game to be finished because this is and will allways be a WIP game. You could wait until the game is longer or you can keep on practicing until the next long update. Soon we will add more things like enemies and weapons of all difrent kinds. Share this game with your friends and family and remember that this game will allways be free along with any content added into it. Soon to add online multi player modes such as PVP or Race. and we will soon add more cooler features like a new Main menu and much more. Just stay tuned and search for updayes



This project has now been shut down do to the following

- Unfixable bugs

- Not working textures

- Not working scripts

- Is completely broken

You may be thinking of many difrent games or other things such as build a bear or MC, but this isnt close to it. In fact, this is a game for people who like to read instructions that are giving to you in the bottom of the page and know how to play computer games well. Build a bridge is a game in which you build a bridge in order to scale to the objective weather its up walls or floating in oblivion or even just stacking them ontop of eachother. If you like puzzle or stratagy games like Portal or Anti-chamber, this is the game for you. Now available at webpages near you

Build-A-Bridge the escape

1 word describes this, Dean. He is the owner of all things that your character does. He uses you as tests before his projects go out for sale. A floating bridge? well thats deans idea. Its all dean's idea. Nothing you do can come close to contribute to what dean does. Well that's in his mind at least. He is honestly the most stupid robot the world has seen. But he see's himself as smart. But how could you think differently if you own a huge corporation? But you might want to escape before he decides his creation is test ready. You dont want to know what happens to his test subjects after they have overstayed there visit.

This is the first game fantacyfilms will officially sell. Build-A-Bridge 1 was just a test to get ideas and help through out and see how well the game will work

Ocean Cleanup

Protect the ocean from pixel oil spills and horrible littering of soda cans a cigars in the 5 level game known as Ocean Cleanup. This game is meant to exploit the harm of littering and meant to make it fun to cleanup the ocean. Come join us in our fight to clean up the ocean. (soon to have multiplayer...)